Investment & Fund Management


Our Approach

Our Investment Appraisal and Fund Management style is fundamental and process-driven. Active management is the bedrock of our evaluation and fund investment process: with focus on managing risk through advanced portfolio modelling and again, active management.
Unlike traditional Consultants, MIS Advisory cares about the success of the investee businesses and the investor and we see our relationship with both sides as a long-term partnership and your success as our success. Our hands-on approach of assessing the long-term viability of each investee businesses on a case-by-case basis.

Investment Appraisal Process

Continuous and Dynamic Process:

MIS Advisory goes well beyond screening and investment evaluation, our approach encompasses an entire process that includes in-depth assessment, thoughtful and personalized planning, and ongoing analysis and reporting. We employ a continuous and dynamic fund management process to help ensure our strategy aligns with the objective of the Investor/ Client.

Clearly Defined Objectives:

We begin our work by carefully documenting a client's circumstances. This assessment helps establish objectives, focus, timelines, growth and cash flow against a suitable risk tolerance. During this time, we identify the key social considerations as well as any other opportunities to supplement an existing financial situation.

Implement Portfolio Strategy:

Our Team ensures broad based coverage of Investor's/ Client's focused sector and sub-sectors. We constantly challenge ourselves to allocate capital in the most productive manner.

Monitor, Analyze and Report on Investment Results:

We monitor the performance on investee businesses to evaluate relative values and determine whether investment performance is meeting expectations and viable on a long-term basis. We communicate all our findings to the investor/ client through quarterly reviews and periodic market commentary emails.

Consider Changes in Strategy:

Shifts in market or economic conditions, issues with specific investments, as well as changes to a client's specific needs are common reasons we consider making strategic changes to a portfolio. Before implementing any changes, we consider each client's circumstances and new preferences

Our Post-Investment Support Strategy is Time Tested

  • The key objective of business support is to ensure that the investee company is viable and successful, thereby realising adequate, risk-adjusted returns;
  • Our business support assists an entrepreneur in formulating a realistic, achievable business plan, identifying key business risks and supports implementation thereof. In other words, MIS Advisory supports an entrepreneur in planning, organising and monitoring his/her business;
  • MIS Advisory Services provides business support both before and after investment and for the duration of the investment;
  • MIS Advisory delivers its business support through regular in-person discussion with the entrepreneur

Our Investment Appraisal Experience

MIS Advisory was one of the Firms appointed by the Bank of Industry ("BOI") as a Business Development Services Provider ("BDSP") for its current and potential Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises ("SMEs") Customers in the South West Zone.

As a Business Development Services Provider, our functions include:

  • Collaborating with BOI to identify credible SMEs that require finance
  • Develop bankable business plans and proposals for SMEs to facilitate their access to finance;
  • Ensure that a sound business model is developed and presented;
  • Conduct periodic post-finance monitoring of the SMEs;
  • Provide post-finance services such as mentorship, handholding, financial advice, inculcation of best practices and so on;
  • Conduct capacity building programs for prospective and current Bank of Industry's MSME customers in order to identify the gaps, design requisite training curriculum and address their deficiencies.


USAID Trade Hub/ Star Capital Partners

The West African component of the USAID Trade Hub and African Partners Network with headquarters in Accra, Ghana, was set up to;

  • Build regional and global trade linkages;
  • Expand access to investment and finance;

The Trade Hub is especially interested in supporting investments that will help

  • Firms working in regional (staple food) value chains expand intra-regional trade and
  • Firms working in global value chains expand exports to the global market.

Through its direct Contractor, Star Capital Partners; MIS Advisory was engaged as one of the Finance Access Facilitators (FAF).

Two of the key members of MIS Advisory, Felix Awonaiya and Ayodele Olowookere, cumulatively have over about 40 years direct and hands-on experience in Investment Appraisal, Fund Management and Auditing

It is often the case that most businesses/applicants are devoid of appropriate systems of capturing and recording operational and financial information and hardly would have the appropriate corporate governance in place.

Our cumulative strong knowledge of the dynamics of the sector coupled with the strong accounting background of our principals would imply that we are very well placed to deliver quality investment appraisals.