Concept Development & Project Preparation

Project Fundraising Advisory

Fund Management Consulting

Be it a new project, start-up, expansion or diversification; we understand the critical components, needs, challenges and opportunities needed to turn the concept/ idea to reality.

The key aspects of our work include:

  • Extensive study of the concept, business idea or project to understand what the client need and expectations are;
  • We conduct comprehensive research of the industry and carry out a bottom-up market assessment to understand the key market players and the factors driving supply and demand;
  • Carrying out a preliminary project evaluation to give the promoter/ sponsor a quick-fix view of the project base case financial viability.

The core of our work is obtaining financing for projects.
We know what is necessary to attract equity and debt financing because we ourselves have promoted and sponsored projects which we have secured financing for. And also because we have worked for several clients who have accessed funds successfully by applying a proven methodology:

We established our Fund Management Consulting Business on one overriding principle: to provide the highest level of investment advice in the best interest of our clients, always placing the client first. We offer customized services for fund managers that intend to outsource some aspects of the fund management value chain. These services include:

Fund Administration Services

Business Support Services

Market Research and Studies

As an independent third party fund administrator our specialist team can provide flexible solutions through from fund formation to ongoing administration and fund owner services. Our management staffs have hands-on experience in administering a wide range of investment funds and other pools for collective investment.

We offer fund accounting and valuation services and reporting all designed to mitigate risks, optimize efficiency and give you a strong competitive advantage.

Our systems and procedures can help to strengthen transparency, oversight, accountability and management.

Beyond matching funding with investee companies, we also assist the Business owner and the Business itself in formulating a realistic, achievable business plan, identifying key business risks and supports implementation thereof.

Offering these services entails MIS Advisory supporting the entrepreneur in planning, organising and monitoring his/her business. We also provide technical assistance and specialized services such as accounting services; legal services; technical operational advice; expert sales and marketing consultancy; and IT services.

Our Support Services are in two main aspects:

Pre-Finance Business Support
This is aimed at ensuring that the entrepreneur has a quality business plan and project appraisal document in place that is implementable and financeable: We guide the Client through our tested processes by doing the following:

Post-Finance Business Support
Our post-finance business support involves monitoring the implementation of the agreed business plan by analysing monthly financial performance against budget, highlighting major variances and discussing with the entrepreneur plans of action to manage these variances.

MIS Advisory focuses on the following business areas:

MIS Advisory offers a variety of services that promoters, entrepreneurs, developers and lenders can rely on to minimize project risk and to identify gaps in market supply to meet demand. We combine our expertise in the Real Estate, FMCG, manufacturing, services and agriculture with accurate analyses to deliver high quality reports with achievable strategies.

Our Industry Study Services usually cover:

In all of these service levels, we are able to collaborate with professional planning firms to help guide master plans, future land use plans, corridor studies, and related projects.